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in Douglas County, Colorado

2606 Acre Feet Available
Additionally there is approximately
73,000 Acre Feet of Bank Water

The water lies below a 1020.83 Ranch located in southern Douglas County, Colorado approximately midway between Denver and Colorado Springs on the front slope of the Rocky Mountains. The property has both legal and physical access to Noe Road, Cook Creek, and State Highway 105.

The title to this water has been adjudicated by the Colorado District Court, Water Division No.1 in Case No.
86CW057.  2606 acre feet of water has been severed from the ranch and may be sold for use by any person.  Appropriate Easements have been granted and recorded which will allow buyer access to the property to extract the water and transport it to an adjoining stream.  Preliminary record analyses of other confirmed drillings by local hydrologists, reports that the water is available and economically viable to access via well. Since no extraction of water has occurred since the adjudication date of 1986, a “bank” of water currently exists for immediate pumping above and beyond the deeded 2606 acre feet per annum.  The currently available “bank” water amount is approximately 60,000 plus acre feet of water.

We have provided as due diligence documentation, copies of all relevant water decrees, copies of easements for the surface use of the Ranch to extract the water, an opinion of the title showing us as the lawful owners and a map showing the drilling access with transport to the local system and general water rights information.


1. Non-tributary Denver, Arapahoe, and Laramie-Fox Hills aquifer groundwater underlying 1480 acres as decreed in Case No.
86CW56, District Court, Water Division 1.

Aquifer Annual Amount
Denver 1139 acre-feet*
Arapahoe 1081 acre-feet
Laramie-Fox Hills 386 acre-feet**
(Total Available 2606 acre-feet)

*43 acre-feet previously conveyed
**35 acre-feet previously conveyed

Price: Negotiable

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